Nurse Call System

Welcome to Norris Nurse Calling System, a cutting-edge solution for healthcare facilities that enables patients to easily and quickly call for assistance from their nurses. Our innovative technology streamlines communication between patients and healthcare providers, improving patient satisfaction and enhancing overall healthcare outcomes. Our nurse calling system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing patients to call for help at the touch of a button. The system includes a range of features such as customizable call buttons, room indicators, and audible alarms to ensure that nurses are alerted promptly when patients require assistance. With our system, patients can easily request assistance when they need it, which can help to improve their overall satisfaction with their care. Our system streamlines communication between patients and nurses, reducing the need for nurses to make rounds, which can increase staff productivity and improve the quality of care.

Nurse Call System Modules

Norris Bed Head Unit

It has Poly carbonate anti-microbial membrane tack feel switches with complete graphical and text illumination. This illuminated graphical switches will show different colour for ON/OFF status on illuminated graphics.


  • Wide choice on selection of graphical Icons

  • Graphical illumination colour combinations shall be customised.

  • Flexible & Customisable Design

  • Life span of 1 million operations guaranteed.

Norris Handheld Unit

It is constructed with strong anti-brittle abs body. The lactose free polycarbonate tack tile feel switch will illuminate the graphics and will change its hue pattern on activation.


  • Compact smooth curved Design.

  • Non spiral cable considerably reduces contamination on cables and assure easy disinfection with wet wipes in single swipe.

  • Easy to clean & disinfect.

  • Illumination colour combinations shall be customised to various colours.

Indication Unit for Corridor Display

Corridor multi-HUE indication module with Honeydew surface finish offer minimal dust accumulation and easy cleaning. The ABS and Poly Carbonate built materials ensure maximum strength and reliability. The High intensity RGB led cluster provides long life of 1 million working hours and visibility from long range even at high ambient light.


  • Flexible & Customisable Design .

  • Wide illumination Hue combinations shall be customised to various illuminations.

  • Vertical or Horizontal mounting .

  • The Poly Carbonate milk-white semi-transparent filter optimises cool and even brightness.

Nurse Station Display Unit

Displays patient calls from Rooms/Bed Head Units & Toilet Pull Cord with room/bed number and graphically represents the nature of call with corresponding colour codes. Room/bed numbers & voice with colour codes and text shall be custom programmable as per the clients requirements.


  • Single lcd monitor nurse station display unit will show up to 32 rooms status.

  • Monitor size is customisable according to client’s needs.

  • Animated colour graphical live dash boards to represent type of calls & alerts.

Nurse Call System Software Glance

Glance allows to create and inform different types of nurse calls to the public through Norris embedded devices and switches. The calls are carried out by a serial bus, and then shown on an LCD screen with the help of a receiver in each nursing station. Finally, all the requests & information are stored in a server & displayed through the main application software & kept it for further analysis.


  • User can add an infinite number of hospital with hardware support.

  • User can add any number of nursing stations with 24 rooms each.

  • User can monitor the live data of each nursing station together.

  • User can take reports of the nurse call separately for each station and each room.

  • User can take graphical representations according to the data available.

  • Call transferring facility: the call will transfer to the next nearest nursing station if not attended at a specific time.

  • SMS facility - SMS to any number if any emergency call or call transfer.


Poly carbonate membrane low voltage pull cord switches with on status illumination. The unique non wet non-contaminative, water retardant Grab handle and Cord assure hygiene, easy cleaning/fumigation in wet operational conditions. This system is designed to call for help from bathrooms even at fall down conditions.


  • Flexible & Customizable Design.

  • Wide choice on the selection of graphical Icons.

  • Graphical illumination colour combinations shall be customized to various illuminations.

  • Membrane base colours are also selectable as per requirement.

  • The switch module is suitable to fix in the BIS electrical 3 module modular switch box.