Norris Queue Management System

An Innovative System for Hospital Queue Management


Lounge display unit


Lounge Display Unit

Lounge Display Unit

Lounge display unit is placed at lounge/ main waiting room . This system indicates patients on Lounge that which token is currently serving/called to serve now at each Main display system in the hospital. Lounge Display Unit works along with Main Display Unit.

Norris Teller Unit

Norris Teller Unit is a hardware keypad based solution for token calling. This can be placed at reception/ Doctor’s chamber. Teller Unit Consist of Display & and keys including Next, Previous, Call Again, Clear and digits to enter number manually.

Main Display Unit

Main Display Units are used to aid patients to be directed at the Doctors when their turn arrives. This system is placed at the patient waiting room . When Doctors call for the patient corresponding token number will be displayed along with voice output. The serving token will be displayed at MDU till the next token call arrives.


Norris token Dispenser is an input device which is directly accessed by patients. • Token Dispenser can be placed at Entry, Lounge/Waiting area. • Patients can directly dispense the token from it. • The token number obtained from this Device will be used for patient registration. • The token number will be then added to the system and will be used for calling the patients in order.